Dear visitor

Ever since I got my hands on computers at the age of 12, I've been busy learning, tinkering and building. Even though the days of the VIC20 and Sinclair Spectrum are long gone, the passion and quest for innovation is still engrained in my DNA, bringing solutions, new approaches and fresh technology to my valued customers. For over 10 years I've been helping organisations build and sell their products as an independent organisation.

Highly experienced IT professional with a track record of selling, delivering and exploiting projects and services successfully, on time and within budget. In my 25+ years of working in a wide variety of environments with many different technologies I have learned to make money by evaluating, selecting and integrating them seemlesly. Next to being specialised in a long list of tools, software and concepts, I am particulary interested in selling, integrating and architecting solutions.

Check out my services to get an idea of what I might add in value to your organisation. I am both a generalist and a specialist, allround type of ICT'er, I have deep knowledge on providing solid IT related solutions, capable of working in and outside my current comfort zone.

My interests tend to shift regularly following the latest evolutions and personal curiosity.