Managed infrastructure (cloud / private cloud)

I manage and co-manage several environments in various degrees. I am also available ad-hoc for troubleshooting. Deep troubleshooting is one of my trades, learned the hard way. In case you have a problem on a linux platform your people cannot find. I am ready for fixing that.

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Tile or Vector Servers: Hosted or managed (OSM based)
I run my own tiles server, and I manage others as well. I can manage from a single tile server to a farm for you. It does not matter if you need real images or are serving vector layers. I will work with your team to optimize the whole tool chain using proven methods and technologies. From configuring webservers to setting up the right postgres indexes to speed up rendering. If you have your own GIS data and want to use postgresql I can assist there as well. Combining datasets is one of my specialties.
Tile servers
Hardware to Software Integration GPS/GPRS
Track and Trace application + hardware management software. I am specialised in KCS hardware. Architecturing and supporting solutions for big customers like Boortmalt and Arcelor Mittal - Gent. These projects are aimed to bring digital authentication to the mobile assets on site. Cranes, lorry's and other big specialised material requiring additional certification. I link with the customers data to provide a live updatable, remote management.
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REST - Performant API design and implementation
I take pride in being able to design fast, slick and scalable API systems. I design those from the ground up or hook in into existing architectures. Making a consumable API is not the same as making a website, we understand this well. We know how machines like to talk to machines minus the bloat.
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