Technical Presales - Solution Architect

Due to my broad experience in a wide variety of different roles and my ability to absorb knowledge fast, I've been idealy positioned to consult on sales trajectories, correctly informing the client on the full capabilities of your commercial products, helping the client to define a clear path to provide a solid, working architecture, design and implementing solutions. I had many years of experience with both product design as well as solution architecturing.

In a presales role, I can make the same difference, building rapport with the customers by offering extensive practical product knowledge and work together with them to determine and the feasability of practical implementations.

Vendor agnostic audits
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The word audit usually makes Management and particular IT staffs either groan or quake with fear. Often with good reason unfortunately. As humans, as long as we are used to something and it kind of works, we see no point in change for the sake of improving it. Until you start crediting for lost hours waiting for software while your software should be waiting for you. Failing an audit is everyone's worst nightmare because of the potential damage to the organization's reputation and its ability to transact business. Key indicators of having a problem is when you cannot demonstrate control over your environment, costs and performance. On top of that, you are depending on -often external- key persons to take care of your business needs.

BitLess is independent. I strike no deals to talk positive, a long term vision. When analyzing your IT/ICT stack I will produce honest reporting, sometimes brutal. I've seen plenty of problems either technical or organizational. Wonder if your IT costs are legit ? Is there money to save or are your resources under/over utilized. Do you have to wait ages to get information from the system? What about information from the maintainers ?

At the end, the most important step: Possible solutions will be proposed in a prioritized fashion. I have experience in the ISP and Banking sector in this matter, with years of work on migrating environments which makes me very well positioned for this work.

Architecture design - software engineering
Specialized in backend solutions, frontend functional design. Back to front architecture
Software Design
SSL Termination specialist
Does your application need advanced SSL termination? Don't just enable mod_ssl in apache2. There are other ways to offload your webstack and implement a true SSL loadbalancer like haproxy. Centralize your key management and let haproxy determine the best chain to offer depending on the request. Also, support as much SSL clients as possible, in particular , mobile ones. Score A's on SSL labs and other tests. Try it with my domain HTTPS SSL labs check
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Systems and Database tuning

I come from an enterprise background and worked in many environments and places in the world. This has shown me the diversity of problems and their solutions rapidly. I have a strong common sense when it comes to building environments I focus on sane configuration parameters and use based tuning. While automation and DevOps buzzwords fly by, you sometimes need someone that knows how to get the most out of your current systems. Someone that compairs virtual server providers on their true performance like IO and CPU usage. More often I discover that merely looking at the specs of an offer isn't enough guarantee you will have a fast machine. I know by experience which providers perform wel in a certain area.

Although automated setups are great for the most part, due to it many system administrators have no deep knowledge anymore on specific products. Neither do they have the experience to really understand what capabilities are and how to use them properly. This is where I come in. By working in delicate environments like Internet service providers, maintaining and uniforming large scale server farms is a second habit long before the buzzwords took over. There is not a single piece of software that uses default values and serves you well. The times I discover business critical software databases like Mysql or Postgresql that are being misused and still running on default settings for the most part.

I make sure your configs are up for the task, culminating years of hands-on experience into that single file. I do it all the time and keep doing it: 'magically' returning to you with triple to quadruple the existing performance.

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OSM GIS professional
I set up tiles server, geocoding databases using proven scheme's.
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Architecture, functional GUI building. Integrating hardware.
Specialized in backend solutions, frontend functional design. Not an artist however.
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Console tool development,data processing and hardware management software
Track and Trace application + hardware management software
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